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"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"


Snowpug`s Rainbow Treasure "Lauritz"

"Lauritz "is one of our breeding males and is a part of the kennel Snowpug`s breeding program. He is available for mating to suitable females.
"Lauritz" is the litter brother of our female "Ruth". He is owned by the Mikkelborg family and lives in Harstad - where he is better known as "The Prince of Harstad". 

"Lauritz" is a male where I have the breeding rights - and he will be a part of the kennel's future breeding program. 

He is a very healthy and lovely male who loves to walk in the woods and in the nature. He is also very fond of being on the golf course - where he uses to pick up golf balls. 

He managed to become the Norwegian Show Champion at only 4 dog shows - which I think is absolutely amazing - he is a wonderfully beautiful male - so we are very proud of this. 

His family does a fantastic job with "Lauritz" and keeps him in exceptionally good physical shape. And I'm glad he's spoiled as much as he can - just as much as a Snowpug pug deserves.