Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

                          Kennel Snowpug - who are we?

Me and Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl "Ingeborg" 


Kennel SNOWPUG is a small pug-kennel (black- and fawn pugs) in West Norway and the Snowpug family consist of our belowing pugs, my son Tor-Gunnar (born 27. January 1993) and my self (Mona).

Kennel Snowpug is approved in the FCI and the Norwegian Kennel Club.

We live in a commune called Etne in Hordaland county. As some orientation this is by driving a car: 1 hour from Haugesund city, about 2 1/2 hour from Stavanger city, about 3 hours from Bergen city and about 6 hours from Oslo city.

I received my officially breeding name Kennel Snowpug 16th. November 2005 and our first Snowpug litter was born 01. March 2007 after my breeding pugs: Pugbully Joan Baez ans Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite.

Why I choose Snowpug as a Kennel name: My birthplace is Tromsø in North-Norway and my hometown is Tennes in Balsfjord county. And when I applayed for my breeding name my choice wasn`t difficult, because I wanted to represent the place where I grew up and where I have my roots - therefore the name Snowpug.

My breeding intention is to take care of as good as possible the health to the breed (both psychially- and fysichally) and attend the breed standard in a good way. My breeding dogs are healthy and are good functionable pugs with people. My futurity hope is to breed pretty, healthy and happy pugs with nice and lovely temperament. 

 All the dogs in our family lives with us in our house, they are with us 24/7, short told, they have acsess to the hole house and they are all equal family-members!

Frome I was about four years old I have been very interested in the pugs. I had searched information about the breed in many years before I was getting my own pug. I was doing this because I wanted to now as much as possible about the breed, their health, temperament, sikness etc.

When I was coming to the point when I think I was ready to get my own pug I took contact with Janet and Stig Holm/Borzan`s kennel in Sweden. I was taking contact with them because they have the pugs I were looking fore. In November 2002 I was travelling to pick up my boy which I have been waiting fore so long - almost 2 years!!! When I saw - Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favourite "Oscar" for my first time I couldn`t do anything about cry - he was so sweet and I just loved him at the first sight. My dream was finally comming true!! 

When I finally get my male I started the search after a female who would be suitable to "Oscar`s" pedigree. I get in touch with the fantastic breeder Heidi Fridtjosen/Pugbully Kennel in Trondheim, Norway - and in 2004 I get my first female - Pugbully Joan Baez "Sarah".

In the same year (2004) I imported a finnish lady to Norway, Troppola Dark Denise, from Monika Kevin/Kennel Troppola in Helsinki, Finland.

These two females together with my male Oscar are the main features in my breeding - and my main intention for the future is to build up under these bloodlines. Unfortunally we lost Sarah in a very complicated situation 24. June 2009 (actually on my birthday).

As many pug-owners say: "Have you already got one pug - you just have to get one more.." and this is so true!!! 

                    The ground-foundation in my breeding


N S UCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite "Oscar" 

I got my first pug in 2002 from Janet and Stig Holm/breeder Borzan`s in Sweden. "Oscar" was a long-desired male and he was borne 16.09.02. His parents was (father) NORDUCH FINUCH NV-01 Kastanjan Lotus Lothar and (mother) S N UCH NV-02 Klehaugens Gullvivan. 

Thank you so much Janet and Stig Holm for that you where  trusting me this lovely boy!


"Oscar" was my main-stud male and he was the ground-foundation in my breeding. I have built up my kennel on "Oscar`s" bloodlines, he had every quality I was looking after in a pug and more!! I`m so grateful since I had the opertunity to have this lovely pug into my life and to my breeding.

Sadly he had a short life - 21. July 2010 I had to take the hard decission to put my first, oldest, stud-male and my most precious one "Oscar" - to sleep at the veterinarian...

In January this year he had a trauma on the ice and he get some squeezed nerves in his back wich result in pains and sometimes paralysis in his both backfeets. The veterinarian tried the treatment they could offered him and it worked for a litle time - but in May/June he get worst and I had to take the hard decission to let him go. I decided to do this in my hometown in North-Norway (Tromsø) - this so he should have his last time at home with my hole family. It was very hard but this is the responsibility we have as animal owners - they should not suffer unneccessary.

"Oscar" - Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite - will always be with me in my heart - rest in peace my dearest one I will love you forever....




- Top Winning Pug #8 2005 - third best male -

- Top Winning Miniature Dog #3 2005 in Nort Norway -

- Top Winning Miniature Dog #7 2006 in North Norway -


Tor-Gunnar has as many children grown up with dogs and animals. He is very interesting in our dogs and he began handling different dogs when he was only 10 years old. In 2005 he was debuting in the adult ring with a cavalier kings charles bitch called "Luna" and our friends Silje and Hallstein`s black pug, Pugbully Hot Stuff, aka "Oscar". Tor-Gunnar had a great debut with the black pug - he won CAC and became second best male.  

Frome he was 10 years to 2007 he was competing serveral times in the competition called "Barn og Hund" (Child and dogs) - here he won serveral First Prices with different dogs.

 Tor-Gunnar is handling our own dogs in the showring, in 2008 he was on World Dog Show in Stockholm, Sweden, with our female - Snowpug`s Alice Deejay

In 2006 he was qualified to the Norwegian Championship in Juniorhandling 

Link to Tor-Gunnar`s Handling Page 


Tor-Gunnar and Oscar the day Oscar got his Swedish champion title


Here Tor-Gunnar won the FIRST PRICE in the competition "Barn og Hund" (Child and Dogs) - 04th. August 2007. He competed on the show with our N S UCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favourite. On the second day - 05. August 2007 he became nr. 2 - I`m so proud of my dearest son 

Theese pictures are taken on a International Dogshow in Gällivare, Sweden, 01th. July 2007. The same day our stud male "Oscar" get his SWEDISH CHAMPION TITLE!! 

For the first time he showed our dogs N S UCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favourite and Pugbully Joan Baez -in "Pair Clas". He was so clever and became nr. 3 of all the pairs!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!





Picture frome my home lovely county, Tennes - Balsfjord kommune