Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

                   G - LITTER born 16. September 2009


This was the Kennel`s last litter in year 2009 - and its a special litter for me since the grandmother to this litter is Pugbully Joan Baez (Sarah), and the puppies from this litter carry on her valuable blood-lines in my future breeding planes.

It`s appeard to be even more special since the puppies remain to be born on their grandfathers (Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite) birthday - 16.09.2002.

Parents to this combination are:

Snowpug`s Alice Deejay (fawn female) and Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle (black male). I have been using this male on our E - litter so I had an opinion of how this combination would be like.

Anna was a great considerate mother to her six babies. A little boast I have to come with - few of my bitches eats up their puppies excrements when the puppies are eating real food - but Anna eated the up until they was leaving to their new homes....what a achievement..

Frome this litter it was a matter of course that I would keep one puppie - and my choice was S. Gilt-edged Esmeralda. A lovely small and compact whole-black female which will carry on the precious Pugbully Joan Baez lines in my future breeding.



  F - female and M - male 

F - fawn and B - black

The puppies names:                                                  Owner:                                

  • Snowpug`s Geronimo (M/F)                         Ragnhild Nesse,Nyborg-Bergen  
  • Snowpug`s Great Mike Tyson (M/B)    Veronika Brendø,Florø. Has S. Brianna the Rose of Love frome our B - litter 
  • Snowpug`s Gino Fabian Petulius (M/B)            Jorun Lange, Drammen 
  • Snowpug`s Granddaughter of Sarah (F/B)       Silje Ledahl, Fyllingsdalen-Bergen 
  • Snowpug`s Goods Angel (F/B)                       Inger-Lise Brudevoll,Syvde-Ålesund
  • Snowpug`s Gilt-edged Esmeralda (F/B)           Breeder and T-G. Johnsen  





Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle

Semlans Leon

Dandy Dick Pug Ze Sametu


 Semlans Dorina

Gamekeeper`s Single Girl

Seloy Dr Strangelove

Gamekeeper`s Nidoqueen

Snowpug`s Alice Deejay

Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite

Kastanjan Lotus Lothar

Klehaugens Gullvivan 

Pugbully Joan Baez

Pugbully Dirty Harry 

Klehaugens Poetry In Motion