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"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

                      E - LITTER born 22. June 2009


This was a thrilling mating for me because the male was black and this was the first time I used a black male in my breeding program. But I think the combination was very successful and there were born two strong puppies 22.06.2009, one yellow-female and one whole-black male. 

The parents to this litter are: Snowpug`s Baroness Marie of Victory (Marie) - fawn female from my B - litter, and Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle (Teddy) - black import-male from Sweden. Teddy is own by my friend Henny Myhre Eikeland on Stord, Hordaland - and I was so lucky to be the first one using Teddy in breeding. Thank you so much for that I get the opertunity to use him!!  

Marie was a very considerate mother to her little ones and was not leaving any work over to me.

Marie was taking over the daily care to Pugbully Joan Baez (Sarah) 5 babies which where born 2-days after her own delivering (24.06.2009). We sadly lost Sarah under the caesarian because the veterinarian was given her far to much anaesthetization - he took quite simply her life....

Sarah`s babies wouldnt survived without Marie`s consideration - I`m very greatful for what she did for them and she was just amayzing with all the puppies. Mother number ONE without any doubt!!

There were only born 2 puppies in this E-litter - 1 yellow-female and 1 black-male. The male will be standing in the kennel since this is my first own breeding black pug. Maybe there was a reason for that she only get 2 puppies - since she had to take over the daily care for Sarah`s 5 puppies - who knows...

I have been missing Amanda very much (our black import from Sweden which we sadly lost February 2008) so when there was coming a black one in this litter there were obviuos that this pug should be standing in our kennel. 


The puppies names:                    Owners:                                             

  • Snowpug`s Esmeralda  (F)          Cecilie Romslo Husnes, Kvinnherad
  • Snowpug`s Egon Olsen (M)         Kennel Snowpug





Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle

Semlans Leon

Dandy Dick pug Ze Sametu  


Semlans Dorina

Gamekeeper`s Single Girl

Seloy Dr Strangelove

Gamekeeper`s Nidoqueen 

Snowpug`s Baroness Marie of Victory

Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite

Kastanjan Lotus Lothar


Klehaugens Gullvivan 

Troppola Dark Denise


Nabuco`s Calvin Klein 

Troppola Xaviera