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                            2010 - NEWS AND UPDATES


        N S UCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite 

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30. December 2010:

- Photoalbum Autum and winter 2010 is updated with pictures from our christmas and dog-walk pics 

17. December 2010:

- Many new links 

I wish all my friends, wisitors and guest a Merry Christmas and all the best for year 2011.  

11. December 2010:

- Photoalbum  Autum and winter 2010 is updated with pictures from my trip to North-Norway in November 


28. October 2010:

- New picture on Oliver & Ingeborg on Males & Females

- Dogshow Photoalbum is updated with more pictures from Puppyshow in Orre, Stavanger 24.10.2010. A big thanks to Malvin Solberg (Kennel Rainbull) for that you were taking pictures of us at the show.

25. October 2010:

- Puppybuyers Photoalbum is updated with pictures of Snowpug`s Dreaming Dina and Dogshow-Photoalbum is updated with pictures from Puppyshow in Orre, Stavanger 24.10.2010

- News from the showring page is updated with results from Puppyshow 24.10.2010

- Siden News from the showring er oppdatert med resultat og kritikker fra Norsk Kennel Klubb`s Valpeshow på Orre i Stavanger 24.10.2010

Sunday 24.10.2010 - me and Dagny Håheim (co owner to S. Incredible Oliver Twist and S. Baron of Western-norway) went to a Puppyshow arranged by Norsk Kennel Klubb avd. Rogaland in Orre, Stavanger. We had an amayzing day with fantastic results and many nice talks with dog-lovers. 

Dagny was handling Oliver by her self and she did it fantastic good, just like a proffesional handler and it was a big joy for me to look at them in the showring. I was so proud of them both that tears was comming in my eyes!!

Judge for this show was Kurt Espeland, he had very much nice comments to say about the siblings and he said that they had very good potensial and were very promising - we are so proud1!


Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist: BEST OF OPOSITE SEX (BEST I MOTSATT KJØNN)

Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl: BEST OF BREED (BEST I RASEN)

17. October 2010:

- Puppy buyers Photoalbum is updated with pictures of Fabian


Showresults for "Simba" this weekend:


17.10.10: 2nd. Best Male with R.CAC and CACIB of 41 Longcoated Chihuahuas

15. October 2010:

- Snowpug`s Goods Angel aka Fiona has got her own page. Fiona lives in Syvde, Ålesund with her owner Inger-Lise Brudevoll and her playmate a fawn male, Rambo. 

Fiona is a whole-black, litle female from my G-litter born 16.09.2009. Actually on their grandfather Oscar`s birthday!! From this litter I kept one black female in my kennel - Snowpug`s Gilt-Edged Esmeralda

- Puppy buyers Photoalbum is updated with pictures of Fiona

07. October 2010:

- Puppy buyers Photoalbum is updated with pictures of: Herman, Kokkos, Fabian and Lucy

- New photoalbum, Autum 2010

- Puppy page is updated with Upcomming litters for 2010/2011.

  Valpesiden er oppdatert med Planlagte parringer for 2010/2011

16. September 2010:

A big CONGRATUATIONS to my G - litter who are 1 year today, HURRA. Snowpug`s Gilt-Edged Esmeralda sends a big birthday-hug to all her siblings.

En stor GRATULASJON til G - kullet mitt som fyller 1 år i dag, HURRA. Snowpug`s Gilt-Edged Esmeralda sender en stor bursdags-klem til alle sine søsken.

This is very special day for me since today my prescious Oscar would be 8 years - rest in peace my dearest one. I`m so honoured over that my G - litter was born on his birthday, since he are the puppies grandfather.

08. September 2010:

- Page: Photoalbums - Dogshows pictures - are updated with picture taken on a dogshow in March 2010 (I`m sorry this late publications of theese pictures)

07. September 2010:

- Page: Male and Females are updated - Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist  and Snowpug`s Baron of Western-Norway (males), Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl (female)

06. September 2010:

- Utstillingskritikker og resultater fra helgens Klubbshow i Ølen er lagt ut på siden News from the Showring

- New pictures of: Snowpug`s Gino Fabian Petulius (male born 16.09.2009) and Snowpug`s Highwave to Heaven (female born 01st. March 2010) in the album: Puppy buyers pictures

- Page: Photoalbums - Dogshows pictures - are updated with pics of my new hopefuls puppies - Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist and Snowpug`s Ingeborg Bergheimsdotter

- Snowpug`s Happy-go-lucky aka "Nomis" has got his own Blogg - your welcome to take a look

03rd. September 2010:

- Snowpug`s Ivo Caprino aka "Theo" has got his own Blogg - your welcome to take a look


02nd. September 2010:

- Page: News from the Showring - is updated (kritikker og resultater)

- Page: Photoalbums - Pictures from Puppy owners are updated with pics of Snowpug`s Ivo Caprino

- Page: Photoalbums - Dogshows pictures - are updated with pics of Snowpug`s Baron of Western Norway

- Page: Male - Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist - is updated with a new picture

29. August 2010:

This is my sadest time as a pug owner and I will never forget what I had to do but his memories will live with me the rest of my life...

21th. July I had to take the hard decission to put my first, oldest, stud-male and my most precious one "Oscar" - to sleep at the veterinarian...

In January this year he had a trauma on the ice and he get some squeezed nerves in his back wich result in pains and sometimes paralysis in his both backfeets. The veterinarian tried the treatment they could offered him and it worked for a litle time - but in May/June he get worst and I had to take the hard decission to let him go. I decided to do this in my hometown in North-Norway (Tromsø) - this so he should have his last time at home with my hole family. It was very hard but this is the responsibility we have as animal owners - they should not suffer unneccessary.

"Oscar" - Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite - will always be with me in my heart - rest in peace my dearest one I will love you forever....




15. July 2010:

- Snowpug`s Baroness Marie of Victory (Marie) is in heat and I`m so lucky to get the opertunity and chance to borrow a male with a very exciting pedigree. More information will come - so stay tune...

12. July 2010:

- New pictures of Kokkos who lives in Oslo with Marianne Behrentz (Puppy byers photos)

29. June 2010:

- New Photoalbum : Puppy byers photos

26. June 2010:

- A few new photos of my I-litter puppies taken 24. June 2010. You are welcome to take a look in their Photoalbum

- New picture of our keepers from this litter on Males and Females (Oliver and Ingeborg)

24. June 2010:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my E- and F- litter whos was/are 1 year 22. and 24. June 2010

GRATULERE så mye med dagen til mitt E- og F- kull som var/er 1 år 22. og 24. Juni 2010

12. June 2010:

- I got amayzing news yesterday - Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love was eyecleared free on his both eyes 11. June 2010 by veterinarian/eyespecialist/eyeclearer Birgitte G. Greve from

- Jeg fikk en fantastisk nyhet i går - Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love ble øyelyst ved PetVett klinikken i Bergen den 11.06.2010 av veterinær/øyespesialist/øyelyser Birgitte G. Greve som til daglig jobber ved PetVettklinikken på Ekeberg. Resulatet av øyelysningen var at "Falcon" var FRI på BEGGE øynene!!!! Gratulere så mye til eier Elin Skistad og ikke minst til "Falcon" selv!!

05. June 2010:

- AILO`S Kennel - chihuahua er oppdatert med nyheter


Dersom du er interessert i denne storsjarmøren er du velkommen til å kontakte med meg enten via e-mail: eller tlf.: 94893898





24. May 2010:

- Snowpug`s Baroness Marie of Victory was not pregnant. We will try to mate her on her next heat in July/August this year. I`m sorry to all of you who have been waiting so long for this combination - but hopefully we can expect puppies on the next attempt. Be pation....

- The I-litter puppies has finally got their own Photoalbum and they have now got their pedigree names: Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl (female), Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist (male) and Snowpug`s Ivo Caprino (avaibale male)

The I-litter are in my opinion an exciting combination and I`m so grateful to Anne Hagebø for that I could borrow Mr. Carter (AM INT SERB CH Gas Hollow`s Full Card) in my breeding program.

Short told about the puppies: All the puppies are very short in back and are cobby, great coat and colour, good bones, good tailsets and the hole expression are very good. I have big faith for all the 3 puppies in this litter!

Therefore I decided to keep the female - Snowpug`s Ingeborg Bergheimsdotter - and one of the males - Snowpug`s Oliver Twist. The female will be co-owned with Elin Skistad who has Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love and the male will be co-owned with Dagny G. Håheim who I co-own Snowpug`s Baron of Western Norway with.

I belive these two lovely ones - will give me and their co-owners a lot of positivity in the future, both in the showring and in my breeding program.

Snowpug`s Ingeborg Bergheimsdotter and Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist has been written into my pages -  males and females




17 . May 2010:


Kennel Snowpug ønsker alle sine valpekjøpere, venner, bekjente og gjester en riktig fin 17. Mai - og det gjenstår bare å "Gratulere Norge med sin dagen"


"Falcon" som bor i Bergen sendte oss dette bildet som viser at han er pyntet og klar til å feire Norges Nasjonaldag

15. May 2010:

- H Litter: Snowpug`s Herman the Mascot and Snowpug`s Heaven-sent Angel has got their own pages. Take a look on our Puppy site under Previous litters and H-litter born 01. March 2010.

13. May 2010:

- New photos in the Album: Dog-walks

- Male site is updated with new pictures of my males: S. Baron of Western-Norway (Lille Oscar) and S. Egon (Egon)

09. May 2010:

- New photos in these albums: H - litter puppies, Dog-walks and Snowpug dogs

- All the pupies frome my H-litter has now moved to their new homes, and there is now so quiet in our home. But I wish all my puppybuyers big luck and wish them all the best for the future and for their new Snowpug baby

My precious first pug "Oscar" still in good shape and good looking - love you darling!!!

03rd. May 2010:

- I - litter is born. At 02:00 AM this night - Anna gave birth to her first puppy and at 05:00 AM the last puppy was born - totally she delivered 5 puppies but unfortunally one didnt make it. So now there is 2 females and 2 males - and they are all healthy, strong and eating very well. Pictures will come :)

01st. May 2010: 

- All the puppies in our H-litter has got their breeding names

28. April 2010:

- New pictures in following Albums: Dog-walks and Snowpug photos

27. April 2010:

- Our puppy male Herman is now sold to a fantastic coupple in Oslo, who sadly lost their beloving pugmale in a terrible accident. I`m pleased to have the opertunity to give them Herman as a new companion in their lives and I`m sure of that he will give them lots of fun, joy, happines and love in the future.   

But if you are interessting in a puppy frome my breeding - please take a look on our Upcomming I and J - litter. Our I-litter is expect to be born 03rd. May (Anna and Carter) and the J-litter (Marie and Teddy) will be born 23. May 2010. You are welcome with your inquire either by e-mail: ore by phone 0047 94893898

- Puppy pictures frome our H - litter and pictures frome our dog-walks, take a look on our Photo site

- Puppy page is updated with information about Upcomming litters 

18. April 2010:

- News from the showring is updated

- Norsk Kennel Klubb`s Utstillingsregler og Championatregler gjeldende fra 01.01.2010 - er lagt ut i PDF-format på siden: News from the showring.

- (only in Norwegian) Ustillingskrittikker fra Internasjonal hundeutstilling arrangert av Norsk Kennel Klubb i Bergen 18.04.2010 - er skrevet inn

3 av mine valpekjøpere var på sin første Internasjonale Hundeutstilling denne helgen. Haldis Larsen eier av juniortispen S. Fairytaile Ella-Bella. Elin Skistad eier av juniorhannen S. Falcon Lucky at Love og Dagny Håheim deleier av hannen S. Baron of Western-Norway.

Alle disse valpekjøperene debuterte som handlere i utstillingsringen denne dagen (for voksne) - og for en debut!! Som oppdretter er jeg utrolig stolt av mine dyktige og spreke valpekjøpere som "bare hopper i det" med utstilling - i sær på Hordalands største hundeutstilling dette året der det var totalt påmeldt 27 mopser!! Ikke minst da jeg selv ikke kunne være med å støtte de opp denne dagen da jeg måtte være hjemme med valpene - men de klarte seg kjempegodt og var utrolig dyktige alle 3 (resultatene og kritikkene kan ses her). Gleder meg til å se fremtiden for alle disse 3 handlerene og hundene - dette da de heldigvis er blitt bitt "av utstillingsbasillen".

Jeg er så utrolig stolte av dere - og for at dere gjorde en god presentasjon for Kennel Snowpug!!

Resulatet fra NKK Bergen 18.04.2010 - dommer Lisbeth Campbell:


 Name of the dog Result
Snowpug`s Baron of Western Norway 1KVAL,1 KONK,CK,4BHK,RES.CACIB
Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love 1KVAL,3KONK,HEDERSPREMIE
Snowpug`s Fairytaile Ella-Bella 2KONK


02. April 2010:

- News from the showring is updated

- (only in Norwegian) Utstillingskritikker på resultatene fra utstillinger vi har deltatt på hittil i år er skrevet inn

- Hannvalpen ~HERMAN~ er enda ledig for salg (se oppdatering fra 14. Mars 2010)

22. March 2010:

- Puppy Album is updated: Puppies born 01. March 2010

14. March 2010:

- Puppy Page is updated with information about our Upcomming I - LITTER 

- Chihuahua oppdrett er oppdatert med utstillingsresultater


I have 1 male puppy ~HERMAN~

born 01. March 2010 - avaibale to the right home.

If you are interessted please feel free to contact me either by

e-mail: ore by phone 0047 94893898

Jeg har 1 hannvalp ~HERMAN~

født 01. Mars 2010 til salgs for de rette menneskene som kan tilby denne krabaten et godt og kjærlig hjem.

Dersom du er interessert er du velkommen til å kontakte meg enten pr. e-mail: eller på telefon: 94893898

08. March 2010:

- I`m sorry but following setting is only in Norwegian.

Jeg har laget en Rubrikk på siden News from the Showring der de beste kritikkene fra hver utstilling blir publisert. Første kritikkskjema er fra utstilling 14. februar 2010. 

- Showresults are updated

07th. March we were on a National Dogshow in Manger/Radøy, Hordaland. It was a fantastic and kozy day with many Snowpug dogs (7 dogs from my breeding) and puppy buyers. I`m so grateful for that my puppy-buyers want to show their Snowpug dogs! A big thanks to Elin Skistad (owner to Falcon) for lovely cake you have brought with you to the show, it was so delicious  And to Haldis and Jan-Frode Larsen (owner to Ella-Bella)for that I, Tor-Gunnar and 4 pugs could stay at your home on Halhjem this weekend. You are so kind and we love you so much!!

And to Elin and Haldis, this show was your show-debut and I have to say that you were so clever in the showring - and as I said to you both - training are doing you and your dog better and better, we have all been were you are  I`m really looking forward to se how much you will develop in the future - because I have big faith on you!!

Following Snowpug dogs where shown on this dogshow and below are the results:  

 Name of the dog Result
Snowpug`s Baron of Western Norway 1KVAL,1 KONK,CK,CERT,1BHK,BIM
Snowpug`s Alice Deejay 2KVAL
Snowpug`s Baroness Marie of Victory 1KVAL,2KONK
Snowpug`s Egon Olsen                      Puppy 6 - 9 Months 1,1BH,BIM
Snowpug`s Golden Esmeralda             Puppy 4 - 6 Months 3
Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love         Puppy 6 - 9 Months 2BHK 
Snowpug`s Fairyland Ella-Bella            Puppy 6 - 9 Months 2


02. March 2010:

- The puppies has got their own photoalbum - take a look

- Puppy information - H Litter

- Litterature I can recommand - take a look on Breed information page

01.March 2010:

- Denise gave birth to her puppies today, 6 healthy ones (H - litter) - 4 females and 2 males!!!

28. February 2010:

- New Photoalbum in the Gallery: Dogshow pictures

Today Snowpug`s Alice Deejay was sent to her mating partner, AM CH SERB CH INT CH Gas Hollow`s Full Card. She will stay there for a week and we are getting her home 07. March. I will cross my fingers and toes for that the matings will go okey and that we can expect puppies from this exciting combination in the beginning of May. 

Tor-Gunnar and Snowpug`s Alice Deejay on National Dogshow 13.02.2010

21. February 2010:

- Upcomming litters are updated - "I-litter"

20. February 2010:

- New Album in the Photo Gallery: Snowpug Photos

18. February 2010:

- Upcomming litters are updated - "H-litter"

Denise is pregnant and we are expecting puppies 01st. March 2010. Inquires are welcome

- Snowpug`s Geronimo aka Henrik has got his own page

- Snowpug`s Dreaming Dina aka Dina has got her own page

- Snowpug`s Dreaming Dore Q aka Quatro has got his own page

- Snowpug`s Fairyland Ella-Bella aka Ella has got her own page

16. February 2010:

- Shownews. 

13. February we were on a National Dogshow in Ølen, Hordaland. Our male Snowpug`s Baron of Western Norway get the following results: Best Of Breed with CAC!!!! He now only need 1 International CAC for his Norwegian Champion Title!!

06. February 2010:

- Chihuahua page is updated and they have now their own Photoalbum 

05th. February 2010:

- New link to Småfotan Kennel - breeder of Lancashire Heeler, owner is Siv Bjørkli-Eriksen (family member)

31. January 2010:

- Chihuahua page is completed with all information (pedigree`s and showresults)

- The hole Website is finally completed, all pages is updated   

29. January 2010:

- Puppy page is updated with ethical- and breeding guidelines.

  Informasjon om NKK`s Avlsstrategi og NKK`s Etiske grunnregler for avl og oppdrett

- New layout and design on the website. Not all the pages has correctly function yet

- Page Chihuahua oppdrett is updated with much new information (more will come)

18. January 2010:

-  Upcomming litter are updated    





- Page About the Kennel is updated 

- All the pages has been adjusted

- New page: Chihuahua oppdrett AILO`S KENNEL

My mum, Aud-Marie Nilsen, is a breeder of Longcoated Chihuahua, Ailo`s Kennel. She doesn`t have her own homepage so I will introduce and represent her breeding here on my webpage under the page Chihuahua Oppdrett. This site is only published in Norwegian.

16. January 2010:

Previous litters are updated with information about following litters: D, E, F and G-litter

- Puppy page is updated 

- New link to SPCA-Norge 

12. January 2010: 

- New female added, our first own breeded black female - Snowpug`s Golden Esmeralda

- New link added to one of my puppy byers from my G-litter - Snowpug`s Goods Angel

07. January 2010:

- New photoalbum added: Winter 2009/2010 pictures

04th. January 2010: 

- New page added - 2010 News and Updates

- New male added on the Male page, our first own breeded black male - Pedigree and information about Snowpug`s Egon

- New links added